What is a Sugar Daddy? Sugar Babies and sugar relationships

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What is a Sugar Daddy or sugar daddy? Know their characteristics, their ways of relating to a Sugar Baby and where to find and achieve such a gentleman.

It is nothing new that the ways of relating among human beings have varied greatly over the centuries and, especially, in recent times. Forms of relationships that would have been unthinkable just three decades ago are now common. Among them we could include, without a doubt, those that a Sugar Daddy maintains with his Sugar Baby .

To analyze this type of relationship, which is called SugarDating or "sugar relationship", we have to clarify the role played by each of the two figures mentioned. To do this, it is essential to answer the question: What is a Sugar Daddy? .

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What is a Sugar Daddy?

Mature men who establish a relationship with girls much younger than them and who maintain said relationship by giving cash, gifts or other types of financial or material benefits. That would be the Sugar Daddys .

If we had to translate the Anglophone expression Sugar Daddy we would have to resort to the term "sugar daddy". By it we would refer to a man who is well positioned financially and, therefore, successful.

To what extent must the economic position of the sugar daddy be strong and elevated? The answer is simple: even being able to satisfy the economic needs or whims of your "sugar daughter."

What type can the whims of a sugar baby be? Very varied. It can be a bag, shoes, a watch, clothing or any luxury accessory. It could be travel financing. And, because it may be, renting an apartment or enrolling in uni can even be included in the list of the whims or needs of a little sugar girl.

But anyone who thinks that, within Sugar Dating , the little daughter only looks to her dad for financial support is wrong. That young girl is looking for that monetary support, yes, so she can also look for other things in her father. Which is it? Knowledge, for example. Daddy can be something like a mentor for her.

A relationship with a mature and successful man can also help a young woman with these characteristics to access certain social circles and know how to navigate them. Without the support of that adult and experienced person, those social circles would, most likely, be out of reach for the babies.

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What does a Sugar Daddy look for in a Sugar Baby?

Those who are not aware of the mechanisms that drive this type of relationship can say: "ok, yes, that's what daddy offers; but what does he get in return?" Fundamentally, company, romance, intimacy and, make no mistake, on many occasions also sex.

To understand these relationships exactly, we must keep in mind something very important: that not all "sugar daddies" have the same purchasing power nor do they all seek the same thing.

There are Daddies who cannot give regular support to a girl for a very simple reason: because they do not have sufficient financial capacity to do so. These gentlemen are called Splenda Daddy .

Salt Daddies , for their part, are those gentlemen who fundamentally seek to have sexual relations with girls much younger than themselves.

The fact that this type of relationship occurs is the reason why many people consider this type of ties between ladies and gentlemen something like a simple form of prostitution.

To those who think this way, the defenders of SugarDating argue that between a prostitute and her client an economic exchange is carried out based on the payment of certain services subject to a fee and for a fraction of time.

Those who refuse to talk about prostitution when they know or participate in relationships of this type also argue that the ties established between babies and daddies are based on deals that develop in the medium or long term, which is not usually the case in the world of prostitution. paid sex.

As we have indicated previously, a daddy and his sugar daughter can have different types of relationships. We are going to talk about them in the next section.

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Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby: types of relationship

In any relationship, the limits are established where the two parties participating in it determine. The intensity of the bond established between a daddy and his sugar daughter will depend on what they decide with complete freedom.

Taking into account what was said above, this relationship may be:

  • Without obligation. The expression itself says it. There is no obligation. That's why there are no future plans. Doing them would imply a commitment that is not interesting and that one does not want to assume.
  • Informal. This type of relationship is very similar to the previous one. Both parties are fine as they are: they don't need more. That is why the appointments are discontinuous.
  • Friendly. Daddy and sugar daughter provide mutual support of a moral nature here and play takes on special relevance.
  • Open. Both Daddie and Baby maintain relationships parallel to the one established between them. These other parallel relationships can be "serious" dating or even marriage.
  • Exclusive. The name itself speaks of the extent to which there is mutual commitment between the parties. Here we cannot talk about simple "roll" or entertainment. Here there is a capital and defining element: the search for affection.
  • I would be. Maximum degree of mutual involvement. This is the trait that best defines this type of bond. Those who establish it seek to share everything and at all times with the other.

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Where to find a Sugar Daddy?

In the times of the Internet, nothing is easier for Sugar Babies than finding a sugar daddy of their liking, since there is no shortage of applications or websites that allow the two parties of this type of relationship to contact each other.

In all likelihood, the most popular internationally is Seeking Arrangement . This Anglophone expression could be translated as something like "Seeking Agreement").

MissTravel, which could be translated as "Miss Traveler" or "Miss Travel", would also be among the most popular SugarDating platforms internationally.

Although sugar relations are more widespread in the United States and Mexico than in Europe, the truth is that it is slowly but constantly making its way in Europe in general and in Spain in particular.

Zukery , a recently created website focused on the two major Spanish capitals, Madrid and Barcelona, offers a way for relationships of this type to come to fruition.

Zukery.com stands out for two fundamental characteristics: the rigorous controls that subscribers must pass to be members of it and the fact that users can contact them without having to create a profile. Compliance with the rules set on the website is essential so that we can talk about SugarDating and not any other type of relationships between adults.