Sugar Baby and escort: what are the differences between them?

Sugar Baby

Are a Sugar Baby and an escort the same? No. Learn about their differences, what is SugarDating and why luxury prostitution is not the same as sugar dating.

What are the differences between an escort and a sugar baby ? Many people do not know how to differentiate between one and the other and are mistaken in thinking that they are the same. We hope this article serves to clarify these two concepts.

Since SugarDating gained some popularity, there are many people who consider that escorts and sugar babies are the same. For these people, both practice a type of prostitution, more open in the case of some, more concealed in the case of others.

From now on we are going to say that those who think like this are wrong. A baby sugar is not the same as a luxury prostitute and in this post we are going to explain why.

To shed light on the matter, we will try to define what exactly Sugar Dating consists of and, above all, we will try to answer the question of what is a baby sugar .

We hope that, once the explanation is done, no one who has read this article will ever be able to confuse (at least without bad intentions) a "sugar girl" (that would be the literal translation of sugarbaby ) for an escort.


What is SugarDating and what is a Sugar Baby?

The circles in which the word Sugar Babie is heard are increasingly wide. Many analysts attribute this to the fact that university fees are increasingly higher and girls who study at university (and especially those who do not live with their parents) have more difficulties in maintaining a certain standard of living and , at the same time, pay for their studies.

And what will it have to do, many people will say, one thing with the other? What relationship do university fees have with the SugarDating phenomenon? Well enough. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of sugar babies are young university students in search of financial support that serves both to pay for (or help pay for) university expenses and to be able to afford some whim, be it a trip or a complement (bag, earrings, bracelets, necklaces...), well that short outfit, blouse, miniskirt or any other type of clothing.

The search for that economic support is what makes many young girls try to contact financially well-positioned and generally mature men. The Sugar Daddy , thus, would be that gentleman who offers himself to this task of financial support in exchange for company.

How far does that company go? To the extent that both parties, by mutual agreement, agree or decide. The fact that the relationship between daddies and babies often reaches the sexual level does not mean that it is always like that. In fact, the determining factor of this type of relationship has much more to do, deep down, with the emotional than with the purely physical. And it is that they and they maintain a contact that lasts beyond the time they are physically together. Thus, it is common for calls, messages, emails, WhatsApp's... to cross routinely.

Without that emotional bond we are talking about, we cannot talk about sugardating. And it is precisely this emotional bond that rarely makes a sugar girl maintain relationships with more than one daddy. In fact, and looking for a simile that can be adapted to this situation, the relationship between a gentleman and a girl could be considered "similar" to the one a father maintains with his pampered and beloved daughter.

It is not necessary to emphasize too much that these ties are unimaginable in the usual relationships that exist between an escort and her client. To make it clear what her role is, we are going to answer the question what is an escort in the following section.


What is an escort?

If we ask among the clients of the luxury escorts or escorts or analyze the type of relationship they maintain with each other, we will see that there are many occasions in which an escort covers the emotional needs of a gentleman.

But the fact that this happens in some or quite a few cases does not mean that this is the main function of the escort. Its main function, in fact, is to cover physical or, rather, sexual needs. The gentleman who hires a luxury escort seeks, first and foremost, sexual satisfaction.

For her part, the escort or companion does not seek to maintain any type of emotional bond with her client. Their role is solely and exclusively to rent their physical company and their sexual services in exchange for money and in a timely manner.

It is precisely this "punctual" character that makes the difference between sugargirls and escorts. The other factor that marks a clear border between one and the other is the fact that the relationship of the escorts is not, nor can it be, exclusively with a gentleman. The sugar baby has only one daddy; The escort has several clients.

The type of relationship that arises in SugarDating is much stricter and is usually considered in the medium or long term. The lasting aspiration between a sugar daddy and his daughter is to prolong the exchange of favors on which Sugardating is based for as long as possible. Afterwards, of course, unforeseen events or situations can always arise that impose short-term encounters or that shorten the life of the relationship more than originally imagined. But that, after all, is also common in other types of relationships.


Differences between an escort and a sugarbabe

Finally, if we had to answer the question, are an escort and a babysugar the same thing? Based on everything discussed so far, the answer would be clear: NO.

The differences between them would be the following:

  • In the sugar relationship, the intention of daddy and baby is to last as a couple. The escort and her client, on the contrary, do not aspire to duration. Their relationship does not initially have emotional components. It is based on a simple transaction. In this transaction, the time they are going to be together, the sexual services that the escort is going to provide to their client and the rate that the latter must pay to benefit from said services during said time, are set.
  • While the sugar girl chooses a lifestyle, the escort has a profession.
  • A high-class prostitute seeks, by definition, the greatest number of transactions (and, therefore, relationships) possible. The sugarbabe, for her part, seeks to strengthen her relationship with her daddy and that relationship improves in quality. This is so thanks to their emotional involvement.

To finish with this exposition of differences between a sugar baby and an escort, we will point out that the girl who sugar does not have to look solely and exclusively for financial support in her daddy. When looking for a daddy, it is possible that the young woman is also looking for a mentor or, in other words, a mature man who provides her with a certain emotional balance.


How to contact a Sugar Baby?

Knowing the differences between these two figures, it is also necessary to differentiate the way of contacting one or the other.

In the 21st century, the Internet makes available to its users a long list of dating websites that are used to contact one or the other in a fast, simple and secure way. Depending on the website we use, we can meet or establish contact with one or the other.

Luxury prostitution clients know which portals they should access to contact escorts. There are many of them who have been offering their services for many years. But who is looking for a daughter of sugar, where should he go?

The first thing they should know is that there are also Internet communities, social networks and specialized pages on the Internet. Perhaps the most popular internationally is Seeking Arrangement . This site is one of the reference pages of the SugarDating phenomenon. There are many daddies and babys who have been able to meet and start a relationship thanks to this website.

At the Spanish level, zukery.com is one of the recently created websites within the universe of sugardating luxury dating. The user of this site can access a directory of profiles in which to find your Sugar Baby.

Seeking Arrangement