Seeking Arrangement: the dating website for Sugar Dating

Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement is a dating website that facilitates contacts between a Sugar Daddy and a Sugar Baby. Discover the features of this dating app.

That the dating ritual has changed since the advent of the internet is well known. There are more and more applications that allow their users to meet and date. Some of them are of a general nature, others have been created for more specific users. Among the latter is Seeking Arrangement . We are going to talk about her in this post.

What is Seeking Arrangement, popularly known as Seeking ?

A portal and dating app that is used to put two very specific characters in contact: a Sugar Daddy and a Sugar Baby .

Next, and before explaining how this dating app works, we are going to stop momentarily to see what a sugar daddy is and who the sugar babies are.


Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby and their sugar relationship

High purchasing power. This is the first requirement that a man must meet to be considered a Sugar Daddy. Why? Because it will be that purchasing power that will allow you to offer your Sugar Baby what it seeks and needs: social status and economic support.

The sugar dating relationship, then, would be the relationship established by that generous dad with his "sugar daughter".

Many people believe that what a gentleman with these characteristics is looking for when trying to date and/or meet a baby sugar is a sporadic relationship. Nothing is further from reality.

The real sugar daddy seeks stability and a long-term commitment. Looking for a sugary daughter is not the same as looking for an escort or a prostitute to pay for a relationship.

Discretion, security, sympathy, knowing how to be, intelligent conversations, an orderly life... these are some of the values that daddies look for in their sugar daughters.

And the baby sugar? What do they look for in their daddies?

These girls, who are usually university students, seek the security that a mature and well-positioned man provides. They seek to learn from life, achieve a status that allows them to move in certain social circles and also stability and/or economic security.

The sugar daddy can help or pay for his daughter's university tuition or can help him pay the rent for the apartment or student flat in which the young woman lives. You can also pay for a whim (a bag, shoes, any other type of accessory...), as well as a trip, a ticket to a theatrical premiere, a concert, etc.

In exchange for all this, the sugar babes offer support and company to their daddies and accompany them in those meetings or events in which they wish to be accompanied. It should never be understood that the daughter seeks a direct incentive in exchange for attending a meeting or an appointment.

Having already outlined the main characteristics of the two poles that participate in a relationship of these characteristics, we are going to see how the most famous dating application that exists in the world works to connect them with each other.

Sugar Baby

Seeking Arrangement: Free Version

Seeking Arrangements , especially famous in the US, France and the UK, is basically a dating website . It is not, as has been said, neither a page to practice prostitution nor an escort portal.

Talking about Seeking.com is talking about shocking figures. The website boasts of having more than 40,000 members around the world, operating in more than 130 countries, having an average of around one million messages sent per day and an average of 40,000 photos uploaded per day.

Basically, the operation of this application is similar to that of other dating sites, such as Tinder, for example.

As in other dating apps, Seekingarrangement also shows profiles that you can enter to see more content. The website also offers the possibility of rejecting said profiles (so that they are not shown again) or selecting them as favourites.

In order to view profiles, the user of the application must create their own profile and place their own photo on it. Without placing said image, the Seeking user cannot see the photos of other users.

Once the photo is uploaded, the daddy or sugar baby who wishes to use this application regularly must wait for their profile to be validated and authorized, a task that is carried out manually and whose purpose is to filter the possible entry in the website of users who are not really sugar daddies or daughters.

Seeking Arrangement can be enjoyed both in a web version and in a smartphone application version.

One of the advantages of the Seeking Arrangement app is that it allows you to use mobile location services to find a match within the closest geographical area.

This dating app uses large fonts and icons. This makes it a practical and simple application, something very useful when the Sugar Daddy can well exceed the 50 barrier.

The free version of this dating site allows you to see all the profiles and some photos of babies and daddies, but it does not allow you to communicate with other users. For this it is necessary to contract the Premium services of the application

sugar daddy

Seeking: Premium version

What are the advantages of signing up for the premium version of Seeking Arrangement ?

Among them we can highlight the following.

  • Being able to communicate without having a public profile.
  • Being able to communicate without having an approved profile.
  • Have priority in the profile approval process over standard users.
  • Appear in searches in a preferred position.
  • Possibility of hiding both the last login date and the time it was made or the country from which it was made.
  • Possibility to check if a member has read our messages.
  • Know which users are Premium and which users are not.
  • Possibility of publishing three different profiles.
  • Possibility of using advanced search filters.

To all these advantages we must add the most important of all: being able to send and receive messages.

All this functionality makes this dating page a tool of great interest for dadies and babies who wish to contact to maintain a sugar relationship.

To access the Premium category, sugar daughters do not have to pay anything. Daddies, on the other hand, must pay. How much? 70.95 euros/month if they hire a month; 69.95 euros/month if they sign up for 3 months and 59.95 euros/month if they sign up for a semester of Premium membership.

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