Marta Castilla


Complacent and classy mature

Hello. My name is Marta Castilla and I am a Spanish woman who has learned to savor all the advantages of maturity. Away from the outbursts of early youth and from living with your heart in your mouth, each one of the beats of that heart now contains a little wisdom. The most important of them, knowing that class and elegance places us outside of time, in a space where only one word has a place: exclusivity. This is me: exclusive by definition. For my elegance and for my knowing how to be. Also for my innate ability to give others a close and affable treatment that favors the strengthening of interpersonal ties and slowly entering the most joyful and pleasant intimacy that can be imagined. It is there, in those territories, where my maturity shines with its own light and where I feel like a fish in water.

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  • AGE
    43 years
    Little (Natural)