GirlsBCN, luxury escort guide in Barcelona and Madrid


GirlsBCN is a luxury escort guide in Barcelona and Madrid. It has been online since 2003 and is also known in Spain as Girls BCN or BCNgirls.

GirlsBCN is a directory of Escorts from Barcelona and Madrid , a benchmark in the world of escort in both cities with more than twenty years of experience behind it and from which you can directly contact some of the most exclusive and select escorts in Spain.

Thanks to this website you will have the opportunity to contact the best luxury escorts in Barcelona and Madrid and you will always do so with the guarantee offered by a team that ensures the reliability of the profiles and the constant updating of the profiles at all times. your directory.

Girls BCN guarantees an agile navigation through all its sections and all its contents. In a quick and easy way you can access the information of that escort with whom you want to contact. To do this, the web offers you the possibility of carrying out a quick and filtered search by using a series of keywords. Any term related to physical characteristics, tastes, nationalities, languages or types of services, to give a few examples, will help you find the most suitable woman for you.

They offer you as much information as possible about their subscribers in a very visual way, thereby saving you time searching. Thanks to a series of easily identifiable icons, you will be able to know the languages that a certain subscriber speaks, what means it offers you to communicate with her (phone, mail, WhatsApp, Telegram or Video call).

If you become a regular visitor to this site, all you have to do is go to the News section to find out what the latest girls have been published on the web in the last week. Likewise, in the Brief News section you can find out about events as diverse as, for example, which escort has updated their photo book, which one has gone on vacation for a few days or which escort has decided to change cities. With this information, the directory saves you something that is always important and, in the long run, very valuable: time.

This website is, in summary, an agile and effective communication channel between the most select escorts in Barcelona and Madrid, and their potential clients. If you are looking to live a unique and unforgettable experience with a wonderful and exclusive luxury companion, immerse yourself in all the possibilities that this website offers you.

GirlsBCN first version

Origin of the GirlsBCN website

GirlsBCN has been online since January 2003 and was created as an exclusive website for independent escorts in Barcelona . At that time there were hardly any escort directories in Spain as contact announcements in the sections of the written press still worked very well (many of them quite fraudulent, by the way). In Barcelona, especially, it was La Vanguardia where an advertisement was really expensive. The websites of some agencies such as Desire Vips , Barcelona Escorts or Standing Models worked on the internet. That is why independent escorts found it very difficult to publish on their own and had to collaborate with the most reputable agencies to access gentlemen with high purchasing power.

It can be said that it is the oldest Barcelona escort website. At that time, milcontactos.com and azafatasymodelos.com existed, but they were websites that fell by the wayside. A short time later, erosguia.com and photoescorts.com appeared, although the latter was integrated into slumi.com , a website with a different concept. As for contact bulletin boards, at that time there was the extinct Loquo.com , which once it was bought by an international group, stopped publishing erotic ads and then closed down permanently. From there, various erotic Loquos were born, from which nuevocoquo.com finally took the cake.

At first the web had few sections, the one for independent escorts , the one for brief announcements (emulating the typical advertisements in the written press) and, of course, a section to contact the page. When the web began to be successful, an agency section appeared where they linked to different websites. And over time, as it was difficult to close the doors to agency profiles, they were also included but with a banner at the top of the profile so as not to mislead users.

Subsequently, a user area was created to respond to all the doubts of web users and little by little they became stricter when it came to accepting profiles, since logical rules were established so that the directory would have prestige, credibility and there would be no cheating. There were other websites that did not follow criteria such as not publishing false photos , publishing only one profile on the page (there were others that published several profiles of the same advertiser and also with different prices) and ensuring that the logical and ethical standards that corresponded to a directory of escorts. It is then, and because the competition did not follow these criteria, that GirlsBCN completely came to fruition. It must be said that later, other websites followed suit and began to set strict rules for its operation.

Advanced search GirlsBCN

Escorts in Madrid and the birth of new websites

It turned out that many of the subscribers traveled frequently to Madrid and since their advertising in Barcelona worked very well for them, they also wanted to publish in Madrid. That is why, as a test, an escort section was created in Madrid where they were published for free. For whatever reason, either because there were users from Barcelona who traveled to Madrid or because the girls informed their clients about the page, the truth is that the page began to work well in Madrid (with permission from erosguia.com and photoescorts.com ). In addition, local pages such as anunciox.com and linternaroja.com began their stage of decline for not updating and allowing fraudulent ads.

In view of the success of Madrid, GirlsBCN decided to create a section for other cities in Spain and create new websites. Among them we have GirlsBarcelona and GirlsMadrid that with a different design, focused solely on those cities. GBCNEscorts, which focused on the rest of the cities in Spain, and chicrelax.com , which was a website for Barcelona but for cheap rates.

At the same time, the main website grew in content, videos (with an exclusive section), 100% natural photos (to avoid the abuse of Photoshop but which with the introduction of videos lost its meaning), cover girl, very detailed searches, fast escort search engine and endless other features. And also the web was translated into the most important languages with their corresponding territorial domains.



Present and future of GirlsBCN

With the advent of the Yes is Yes Law and to adapt to it, different domains such as girlsbcn.es (dedicated to escorts in Spain), girlsbcn.com.es (a history of publications) and the aforementioned websites gbcnescorts were closed. .com and chicrelax.com (which never actually worked as expected). As for the main websites, the publication of sexual services, rates related to this type of services, texts that denigrated women and photos that objectified them were prohibited.

Sections dedicated to videos were also closed and escort agencies could no longer be published. As for the cities, it was limited to Barcelona and Madrid, where the page has always really worked well (in Madrid at the moment almost with more success than Barcelona).

And until here in 2023, 20 years after the birth of the web. It is unknown if new regulations will allow this tool to continue, which has worked so well for women who have decided at one point in their lives to dedicate themselves to female companionship without depending on agencies or third parties. Total freedom to dedicate yourself to this while dedicating yourself to other activities. Only time will tell...

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