Hailey Wells


Artist, enthusiastic and flirtatious

Hello. I'm Hailey, an American girl who recently arrived in this fantastic city. Enthusiastic and flirtatious, I love sharing my favorite cocktail, the squares, the bike paths, the quiet streets and the secret beaches with those who treat me well in life and make it brighter. I have a Master's degree in Business Administration and I like to talk to all those who tell me about their business dreams and are interested, like me, in economic policy. But let no one believe that I am a cold woman only concerned with economic matters. When I'm not traveling, I dedicate myself to art. I am a dressmaker and designer and I love to create. I make costumes, I paint and I also write. For me, art is creating a meaningful story from what surrounds me. I like to drive fast, cook hot and ride smoothly (on my bike). My smile has the light necessary to illuminate the grayest day. Being with me is peering into the most rewarding side of life.

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  • AGE
    30 years
    Medium (Natural)